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More volunteers
We offer opportunities for practical volunteering in the beautiful Kent Countryside. Every Thursday our dedicated team of volunteers undertake a huge variety of tasks, from hedge-laying to pond restoration, apple picking to school wildlife garden creation. In addition we have a large team of litter wardens and wildlife surveyors, so call us or email

to find out more.

Medway Valley Countryside Partnership
Medway Valley Countryside Partnership

Get closer to your environment

This new website My Environment launched by Defra aims to connect people with nature through better access to on-line environmental information. By bringing a wide range of sources of information about the natural environment together in one place, My Environment enables you to see how the UK is responding to environmental challenges, find out about the environment in your local community, learn how you can play your part in creating a better environment, and find out how you can benefit from connecting with nature.

Wildlife apps

There is an ever increasing range of apps available for your smartphones that help you to identify and record wildlife which you might encounter in your normal day to day life. Capturing this information accurately can be of tremendous assistance to tracking the distribution of a whole range of species and is also an excellent hobby.


A selective and far from exhaustive list is given below:


Birds – Birds of Britain and Ireland Pro (Birdguides Ltd)


Based on; The Birds of the Western Palearctic (the standard bird I.D. text) Edited down to the 271 commonest species – all bar the rarest vagrants. Plates, photo’s and distribution maps.


Butterflies - Butterflies of Britain and Ireland (Birdguides Ltd)


Produced in association with Butterfly Conservation, it has plates and photos, distribution maps and phenograms.


Fungi – Wild Mushrooms of North America and Europe by Roger Phillips


The North American content is a distraction but even so it’s the app version of the standard mushroom book. Get it.


Reptiles and Amphibians – Herptileld – the Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (ARC) trust’s guide to species of the British Isles (Isoperla). Not a big group but a good guide.


Flowering Plants – Flora of the British Iles – (ETI BioInformatics) Produced in partnership with the Botanical Society of the British Isles. 


Problem Species – PlanTracker - A partnership between the Environment Agency, University of Bristol and the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology. Combines an identification guide with the phones camera and Global Positioning System (GPS) to allow you to send in records to a national monitoring programme.


Astronomy – The Night Sky – Point it at the sky and it identifies all the astronomical features you can see. Possibly the best app ever made.


Navigation – Outdoors Great Britain with National Parks – A Global Positioning System (GPS) app that uses Ordnance Survey (OS) maps. Identifies your location & displays it on OS maps.


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